Quia mundus rotundus est,
Is me ad lucem ostendit.
Quia mundus rotundus est.

Quia ventus altus est,
Is meum mentem discutit.
Quia ventus altus est.

Amor vetus est,
Amor novus est,
Amor vetus est,
Amor tu est.

Quia caelum caeruleum est,
Id me flere cogit.
Quia caelum caeruleum est.


Because the world is round,
It turns me on.
Because the world is round.

Because the wind is high,
It blows my mind.
Because the wind is high.

Love is old,
Love is new.
Love is old,
Love is you.

Because the sky is blue,
It makes me cry.
Because the sky is blue.

Published on July 2, 2013


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